An overhaul is recommended every 4000 to 6000 miles if you actually take care of your bicycle. An over haul comes with the our warranty of two months free adjustment to these services to cover the break in period of virtually anyone’s riding schedule.

Two Levels of Overhaul, Level 1 and Level 2
(Below is some of the services in one or both of the Overhaul Levels)

·Repack bearing in the hubs
·Repack bearing in the headset
·Repack bearings in the bottom bracket or remove cartridge bottom bracket*
·Chase/clean the bottom bracket threads of the frame need to be chased/cleaned
·Clean the frame and wheels
·Check the alignment of the frame, drop outs, and the fork.
·Clean all the drive train parts in a parts washer and inspect for wear
·Check for chain stretch and replace if necessary
·True & re-dish the wheels
·Replace all the cables and housing
·Adjustment of all components
*with the now common cartridge bottom bracket the removal of the cartridge is very important to avoid future seizing

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