Monthly Specials


Here is what the Member’s card does for the customer.
  1. Due’s to belong to the Club is an annual membership of $40.00 for a family of 4.
  2. The member will have to renew his membership on his/her anniversary to continue receiving the Members Club benefits. Notification will be sent out a month prior.
  3. The membership gets the customers Discounts on all parts and services for one year.
  4. All Parts will get a 10% Discount.
  5. All Labor will get a 10% Discount.
  6. Members will always get a $5.00 minimum discount or 10% discount on all Tune-Ups. What ever is higher.

2  Purchase a Tune-up card for 3 Tuneups with great savings! Cost is $210.00. Use it for your Cleaning and Tune-Up in 2021.  Card can be used for one bike or three bikes, for a total of three tune-ups.  Card must be used by the end of year 2022. That’s $70.00 per tune up! Or a savings of $45 off 3 regularly priced tune ups ($85/ ea.). If you find a tune-up lower then this we will match it. Offer excludes parts and extra labor.

3. No interest lay away on all new and used bikes in the shop.  Small down payment, 25% of purchase price.  Final payment due on pick-up.

1 thought on “Monthly Specials

  1. Derek yes I do. I do not work on the electric part. But I do all the work on the Bike part. Please call me on 207-752-0580 and we can discuss your problems. Jerry

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