Tune Ups

Tune ups are recommended on a seasonal basis or every 1000 to 3000 miles, this is of course if you do not notice any problems. If for any reason you are not sure of the state of your bicycle bring it in for a free estimate. All tune ups come with the Paramount warranty of one-month free adjustments on services paid for. We hand clean the bikes to be able to check for any major problems with the frame or wheels.  The types of tune-ups available are as follows:

Level 1 Tune Up  —  $65.00

Our Level 1 tune Up — Gets you out riding safely with a minimum of fuss! 

  •  Adjust the hubs, headset, bottom bracket, and gears
  • Adjust the derailleurs
  • Adjust the brakes
  • Lube the chain and pivots of the derailleurs
  • True the wheels laterally to allow brake adjustment
  • Check the binders/bolts on the stem, seat post, and cranks
  • Hand clean the frame & wheels (allows us to find any problems)
  • Check/add air to the tires

Level 2 Tune Up  —  $105.00

  • Inspect and inject grease into hubs and adjust them
  • True, tension and dish wheels
  • Adjust the bottom bracket and head set
  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • Lube cables when possible (and if they need it)
  • Inspect and grease the binders on the stem
  • Inspect and grease the seat post and the seat tube binder bolt
  • Lubricate the chain, cogs and derailleur pivots
  • Hand clean the frame & wheels (allows us to find any problems)

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