About jerryref

Owner of Jerry's Bike Barn in Berwick, Maine

Still have the month of May to take advantage of the $15.00 Discount on all Tune-Ups. This means you need to register your bike by May 31, 2023, to get this discount. Registering can be by Telephone, E-mail or bring in your bike by May 31, 2023.

Check out the Used Bike pages Adult and Child.

We have just posted 3 touring bikes, 1 child MTB bike and a Trail A Bike. Check out the Used Adult or Used Child from the website.

Adult Bikes Two Cignal Turning Bikes and Cross Fit Bike.

Child Bikes: One Mountain Bike.

From May 1, 2023, till May 31, 2023. The cost for all bikes non electric bikes Tune-up will be will be $90.00. Fat Bikes nonelectric will be $95.00 and Fat Bikes Electric will be $100.00.

Because of rising cost, I will be increasing my tune-up cost as follows: Level one $105.00, Fat Bikes $110.00 and electric Fat Bikes to $115.00. Hourly charge will be $65.00 per hour. These prices were for 2022. I am keeping the same prices for 2023.

Lots of shops have raised their prices and I have worked hard to keep my prices reasonable.  Other shops in the area are charging around $170.00 per hour, I am only charging $65.00 per hour.

Gail and I thank you for all the support you have given us over the last 16 years. And look forward to serving you in the up-and-coming years.

We request that you use your map program on your cellphone to get to us. Address is 27 Tyler Lane, Berwick ME 03901 or Call us at 207-752-0580 for directions.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.

Call us and set up an appointment to arrange for your Bikes Tune-Up. 

If you are looking to purchase a New Bike, we can help you with doing that.  If you are looking for a Used Bike, check out our web site for what we have in stock.  

Do you have a old bike you are not riding?  Well you can always donate a used bike that we will fix up and only charge for the parts to get it ready for someone else to enjoy at a very low cost.  Pass on the fun to help someone who can not afford a bike to ride.

 We will be open Tuesday thru Saturday from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Closed Sunday and Monday.

As before Gail will be available so you can drop off your bike at Jerry’s Bike Barn from 9 am till I start work.  She will also be available to allow you to pick up your bike.  This will make the shop more open for business.

  • As I always say to my customers, “YOU are my best advertisers”.  Word of Mouth has help my Shop stay open for another season.  We are here for you.
  • Jerry’s Bike Barn Members Club is a great value if you have one bike or 4 bikes.  It gives you a 10% discount on parts and labor all year long.  Check out the note below.


Here is what the Member’s card does for the customer.
  • Due’s to belong to the Club is an annual membership of $40.00 for a family of 4.
  • The member will have to renew his membership on his/her anniversary to continue receiving the Members Club benefits. Notification will be sent out a month prior.
  • The membership gets the customers Discounts on all parts and services for one year.
  • All Parts will get a 10% Discount.
  • All Labor will get a 10% Discount.
  • Members will always get a $5.00 minimum discount or 10% discount on all Tune-Ups. What ever is higher.
  •  The 10% discount does not cover job’s that are performed by my suppliers for my customers.  These fees are passed on directly to you.

Tune-up after May 31st will be as follows. 

Level One Tune-up is now $105.00 for a Mountain, Road & Touring Bike.
Level One Tune-up for Fat Bikes, Non-electric is now $110.00.
Level One Tune-up for Fat Bikes, Electric is now $115.00.

Check out the Bikes page

  • Call to see what we have at the shop right now

Reminder, Once notified that your bike is ready we will only hold it for 30 days before we charge you storage ($10.00 per month).  After two months the bike will be sold as abandoned.  I have very limited space to store your bikes.